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Antenatal Care

Antenatal care or pregnancy care is the care of your health care professionals during the pregnancy period. 

Antenatal care is done to makes sure that the baby and the mother are acceptable. It helps the women get prepared for the delivery and increase the mother of the warning signs during the pregnancy or birth period.

when and how to start Antenatal Care?

As soon as you get pregnant, it would help if you started the antenatal care it is best to see them as early as possible, for this, you have to book an appointment with the general physician or the midwife. The GP surgery or children center can help you to keep in touch with the nearest midway service.

What will happen in ANTENATAL CARE ?

The doctor providing antenatal care will check the health of the mother and the baby. The GP will give useful information regarding healthy eating; exercise to have a healthy pregnancyThe doctor will discuss options and choices for the care during pregnancy, labor and birth.

This care includes some test like a screening test for sickle cell anemia and thalassemia. These tests are done before you are tenth week pregnant.

If you have some unique health issues and need special care, your GP or obstetrician may also take care of it. Means all these things, including any disability, will also be involved in this care.

The obstetrician will discuss when the baby is due, the trimester in which you are. He/she will find about your medical history and will see how any previous pregnancies affect you. He will discuss the medicines to take. By this, you can have regular cervical screening. The doctor will treat all your anxiety and depression. 

It involves measuring the tummy and listening to baby’s heartbeat as well. The doctor will also check any physical symptoms that may bother you.

From where can we have the Antenatal Care?

Depending on the woman’s health, and the circumstances and the place where you live, you can have antenatal care at any local health center, children’s center, the doctor’s surgery, the local hospital. You can have this even at your home with visits from the obstetrician.

Why is Antenatal Care important?

Regular antenatal appointments are essential, as, through this, you can keep an eye on the baby’s growth. You can detect conditions like pre-eclampsia and urinary tract infections. It can’t be seen, but regular blood check and urine test can help identify it. Blood test and ultrasound scan in a traditional manner can check the health of the baby.

How many Antenatal Appointments will i have?

You will be having eight to ten appointments if this is your first pregnancy, and you’re not having any problems. 

While you will be having a 7-9 appointment if this is not the first pregnancy and you are having any problem.

If you are expecting twins or even triplets with other risk factors, in this case, you will be having at least two antenatal appointments per week with an obstetrician.

The number of visits varies and depends on whether the pregnancy is complicated or become complicated. The obstetrician increases the number of appointments, tests and scans in case of a complicated pregnancy. 

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